Why you need a bike fit review

Why all cyclists need a Fit Review

Strains, aches and pain may be from a poor bike fit

Your shortcomings on the road may be due to a poor bike fit. It can be as simple as that. Some riders will blindly stick to their current bike set-up and blame their own physique for any limitations on the road. However, very often that is only one part of it and many cyclists are surprised to learn strains and aches are a tell-tale sign of a poor bike fit.

Getting a professional bike fit from Bike Fit Studio in Brisbane will take away the guess work and have you performing to the best of your ability in no time.

AssesmentHere are 9 reasons why you need a bike fit review

    1. You have seen us for an initial fit on a different bike and now you have a new bike.
    2. Niggling aches and pains are starting to affect the enjoyment of your ride.
    3. You’ve just recovered from an accident or injury and are getting back in the saddle.
    4. Changes in your physical stature.
    5. You’ve got a new bike or have decided to switch bikes, but feel it’s not a good fit even though it looks the same height.
    6. You’re a racing cyclist and it’s been a year since your last review.
    7. You have a new saddle.
    8. You have new shoes or a pedal system.
    9. You just want to be confident that you’re set up properly. Simple as that.

“Nothing will put someone off cycling more quickly than an uncomfortable ride” – Nick Formosa

As a professional bike-fitting business, we know how to translate a rider’s discomfort into a better set-up on their bike.

We are experts in achieving a balance between smooth motion, optimal power and aerodynamics.  Book a follow-up Fit Review today and call us today on (07) 3844 0226 or email info@bikefitstudio.com.au

“I now understand how critical it is to have bike fit on a regular basis while I’m growing. Not only is my own enhanced riding experience testament to this, but I personally know other people who have encountered long-term issues with their backs and hips as a result of riding poorly configured bikes. A professional bike fit at Bike Fit Studio is the only way to guarantee the very best bike configuration and, ultimately, an optimum riding experience.” – Reilly Bladin (read his story here)

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