Fit me to my bike

Bike Fit Studio’s initial bike-fitting session concentrates on removing any confusion in regards to what a bike should feel like when you're on it and getting back to the basics for the best fit. We look at your goals and riding history, as well as any injury considerations and biomechanical limitations.

Fit me before I buy

You can’t put a price on performance, but you can ensure the bike you buy is the correct size and style, with the correct saddle, handlebars and crank length to suit your individual body type. Before you make a final purchase, the Bike Fit Studio team works through specific requirements for your needs and comfort.

Find me a frame

If you already know your riding position from a Bike Fit Studio bike fitting, a Find My Frame consultation will help you select a new bike that fits like a glove. This consultation includes frame size and part sizes/styles. We can only use bike-fitting data from six months prior to this consultation as varied and multiple changes can occur.

Need footbed moulding

Too often cyclists forget about their feet and it’s not until they are in pain that they give them any attention. By then it’s too late. The most common type of foot pain generally falls into two categories: hot spot/friction injuries and compressive injuries. Aligning the foot and making it a stable structure on the pedal is extremely important.

Get the right fit for your bike

We are independent bike fitters in Brisbane


At Bike Fit Studio, in West End, Brisbane, we specialise in comfort. This is our priority when we fit cyclists to their bikes to leave you feeling confident and empowered. We have been bike fitting since 1992.

Whether you have an existing bike or are about to buy a new one, at Bike Fit Studio we use a sizing bike (Retül Müve) to recommend the appropriate size bike using 2-D and 3-D motion-caption technology.

We notice there are too many cyclists who aren’t fitted to their bike properly, but we fit and offer sizing recommendations for road bikes, time trial or triathlon-specific bikes, mountain and cross bikes.

    At Bike Fit Studio we offer:

  • Bike fitting
  • Bike size recommendations
  • Footbed moulding (insoles)
  • Bike fit reviews
  • Aerodynamic testing
  • Bike Fit education (Retül University)
  • Test saddle program

    We work with:

  • Professional athletes
  • Cycling teams
  • Triathletes
  • Mountain bikers
  • Recreational cyclists
  • Cyclists with injuries
  • Children and their growing needs

DID YOU KNOW: We are educators for Retül University for Australasia (that is, we teach other bike fitters in Australia and Asia the art of bike fitting).

Why should you trust us?

Nick Formosa and the Bike Fit Studio team are all extremely experienced cyclists with a combined total expertise of at least 75 years’ in triathlon, mountain bike riding, road riding and racing and coaching – all around the world. Cycling is ingrained in our lives. We live and breathe it.

We like things done well. Using a combination of art (that’s our experience) and science (that’s motion-capture technology and other systems) we optimise your bike to fit you properly.


What does that mean?

We understand the specific technical aspects when it comes to bike fitting, but we also understand the science of the how the body works and how you should be fitted correctly so comfort is at its highest level.


FAST FACT: Nick has been racing for 30 years and has worked in a bike shop from the age of 16. He has also spent a significant amount of time in the health and fitness industries, and still coaches athletes at Olympic, international, national, club and social levels.

Here’s a common story

Thank you so much! Bike fit feels great, ran a huge PB at World Champs and a bronze medal! – Troy Drinan, triathlete


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If you want to be comfortable on your current bike, improve efficiency and performance, and get the right advice and recommendations so you are confident in purchasing the right sized bike and cycling gear – call us on (07) 3844 0226 or email


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