Frequently asked bike fitting questions


Why choose Bike Fit Studio?

We have carefully selected a range of qualified and experienced team members that are not only passionate about cycling but dedicated to fitting a bike that will give you the smoothest and most efficient ride.


Who needs a Fit Review?

Clients who have already had an initial bike fit with Bike Fit Studio and believe their bikes are in need of adjustment or fine tuning.


What is the Retül 2-D and 3-D system?

The world’s only cycling-specific, 3-D, motion-capture system featuring real-time kinematic data. It takes the place of a fitter’s level, goniometer, tape measure and plum bob. The Retül is one of the most advanced fitting tools in the world.


What happens in a fit review?

In a fit review we find that often just the slightest adjustment can substantially increase a rider’s comfort levels, increase performance and speed, and help you ride more efficiently.


Why do I need a 2nd fitting?

  1. The Retül system we use is one of the most advanced fitting tools in the world.
  2. You’ll get to spend more time on the road doing what you love if you book both of your bikes for a fitting at the same time
  3. Confidence that all your bikes are optimally and individually fitted to you.

Why you should have an initial bike fit?

  1. Being optimised for your ideal riding position and bike.
  2. Whether you’re a commuter or racing cyclist, a professional bike fit is an investment in your health.
  3. Enhance your performance.
  4. Your bike will be faster and more comfortable – now that’s a win-win.
  5. Potential injuries can be avoided if your bike is tailored to your individual needs.

Why you need a bike fit review

  1. You have seen us for an initial fit on a different bike and now you have a new bike.
  2. Niggling aches and pains are starting to affect the enjoyment of your ride.
  3. You’ve just recovered from an accident or injury and are getting back in the saddle.
  4. Changes in your physical stature.
  5. You’ve got a new bike or have decided to switch bikes, but feel it’s not a good fit even though it looks the same height.
  6. You’re a racing cyclist and it’s been a year since your last review.
  7. You have a new saddle.
  8. You have new shoes or a pedal system.
  9. You just want to be confident that you’re set up properly. Simple as that.

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