Frequently asked bike fitting questions


What is a bike fit?

Bike fit is the science of identifying and achieving the best possible position for an individual rider on his or her bike. Ideal to prevent injury and improve performance, it incorporates anatomical and biomechanical factors, as well as aerodynamics and power output.


What is Retül bike fitting?

Retül bike fitting is a market leading bike-fit technology that was born in Colorado in 2007. It delivers motion-capture bike-fit technology and service to the retail market, combining expertise from the fields of biomechanics, engineering and sports marketing. The optimum fitting parameters used in Retül bike fitting have been devised following many years of dedicated research in the Institute of Sport in Boulder, Colorado, and from practical working with professional cycling teams such as SKY and Orica GreenEDGE.

Retül bike fitting utilises a cycling-specific, 3-D motion-capture system. It simulates real-time cycling conditions and captures and records an individual rider’s movements by power loading. The data is collected and then comprehensively analysed by your Retül bike fitter.

Each and every bike fitter is unique with regards to their specialities and experience. During your personal bike-fitting session, your bike fitter will draw on his or her training, expertise and experience to define a bike fit for you that maximises your cycling potential. It incorporates your cycling objectives, category of cycling, physiological capabilities, and uses highly accurate fit data to guide your customised bike-fitting and frame-sizing alterations.

Check out this clip on bike fitting for a better understanding: Click here


Why should I have a bike fit?

A Retül bike fit is the gold standard in bike fitting. By identifying the optimum position for you on your bike, you will enjoy a more comfortable, safer ride with enhanced performance and less likelihood of cycling-related injury.


What to bring to your bike fit?

  • Your bike.
  • All components that came with your bike (for example, integrated seat-post shims, aero bar risers, etc) or other components (such as clip-on aero bars) that you wish to try.
  • All of your cycling wear – including shoes, socks, cycling bibs or shorts, and wearing an open shouldered garment (for example, sleeveless jersey, tri-top or a singlet) is preferred.
  • A cold drink.



Why choose us?

Bike Fit Studio Brisbane is Australia’s premier bike-fitting studio that utilises the Retül 3-D motion-capture system. All our fitters are fully trained and qualified in the Retül bike-fit system. Our fitters know and understand bikes across all disciplines from road bikes, time trial bikes, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, cross bikes and hybrid bikes. Our clients range from professional and amateur athletes to recreation and social riders.


Is a follow-up appointment required?

Sometimes. Many bike fits will be successful after one visit and will allow you to enjoy your bike for as long as you choose to ride it. Those focused on performance, injury-management, juniors and so on will benefit from a follow-up visit and are arranged on a “as-needed” basis in consultation with your fitter. If you purchase a new bike then generally there is a need for a new bike fit.


Can I speak to someone about what bike fit might best suit me?

Yes you can. Please call (07) 3844 0226 and ask to speak to one of our fitters or send an email to with your question/s and one of our fitters will contact you as soon as they can.

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