A world-class bike-fitting service

Comfort is performance

Bike Fit Studio, in West End, Brisbane, provides a world-class bike-fitting service for all types of cyclists – from athletes to people who just enjoy the benefits of regular riding. Having cyclists with high-level experience and expertise fit you correctly to your bike has many added benefits, but the most important is that we understand cycling, performance and bike-related injuries, and how easy they are to prevent.

We have many clients come in and see us with serious issues to their knees, ankles, back, shoulders and neck, plus hernias and discomfort and pain due to their saddle.

Why we get up in the mornings

We are passionate about cycling, feeling the wind on our face, the freedom it gives and the places we get to see.

From a young age, Nick Formosa had a passion for bikes – and everything to do with them. It evolved from retail to coaching cyclists and athletes and then bike fitting before he founded Bike Fit Studio, Brisbane.


I like to see people improving, whether it is in their ability to ride better or faster, be more comfortable or experience better performance. The business evolved from something I loved to do myself and into what we do today – Nick Formosa, Bike Fit Studio founder

People come from all over the world to see us

We work with people all over Australia – and also have worldwide clients. We travel extensively for cycling races and have top-performing cyclists and athletes come to Brisbane especially to see us.

The Bike Fit Studio story

Since our beginning in 2009, our most major achievement has been getting cyclists bike fit, set up on their bikes correctly and helping them to realise their goals and dreams.

In our years of riding and racing experience we’ve noticed cyclists – whether professional or recreational – face three major problems:

  1. Your bike set-up is causing you pain or does not feel optimal.
  2. You’re not sure about where to start when it comes to purchasing a bike (what type of bike, size, crank length, handlebar width and saddle) or you’re looking to get a new bike.
  3. You’re having ongoing (or new) issues with your bike and set-up, or you’ve just purchased a new bike.

We have helped thousands of people get off on the right foot when it comes to cycling and our team is highly experienced in bike fitting.

We solve your issues by

  1. Optimising the position on your bike and help you get the right allied professional help, advice and assistance.
  2. Using our sizing bike to recommend size and contact points for your new bike, whether it is your first bike or an additional one.
  3. Reviewing your position on the bike.

How our team can help you

Nick Formosa

Nick has 30 years’ road and track racing experience and has worked in the bike retail and wholesale industry. He is a fitness and cycling coach, training professional athletes all over the world, and is the only Retül University fitter to be awarded Lead Faculty – the highest level of certification in Australia.

Aaron Lean

Aaron was 12 when he started out in triathlon and cycling. He’s been living his dream ever since and has been involved with sport for more than 20 years as an athlete and coach.

Mark Watts

A highly regarded and experienced biomechanist, who has turned his sights and skills to bike fitting. Mark’s love of cycling began 15 years ago when he first dabbled in triathlon, but his interest quickly turned to road racing and soon after that he started mountain bike riding and tried his hand at off-road triathlon (now cross triathlon).


If comfort, performance and efficiency are your goals, call us today on (07) 3844 0226 or email info@bikefitstudio.com.au

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