“Appreciate the bike fit, it’s made a huge improvement. It feels comfortable and I have had no troubles adapting.”

Jordan Kerby

Team Drapac Pro Cycling

“I was delighted to find the professionals at Bike Fit Studio Brisbane to be friendly and extremely helpful. They were more than happy to help in any way possible and provided plenty of information and advice to improve riding skills and experience. They were also very keen to share information on upcoming cycling events in Brisbane and beyond. I can’t recommend this service highly enough.”

Mikhail Kuchavo

“After the fit I am now faster on my rides! At the 15km mark I was 2.5 minutes faster compared to my usual time.”

Michael Cassey


“I now understand how critical it is to have bike fit on a regular basis while I’m growing. Not only is my own enhanced riding experience testament to this, but I personally know other people who have encountered long-term issues with their backs and hips as a result of riding poorly configured bikes. A professional bike fit at Bike Fit Studio is the only way to guarantee the very best bike configuration and, ultimately, an optimum riding experience.”

Reilly Bladin

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