Tandem Tour Treat

Book a BikeFit for YOU and a FRIEND or 2 to receive 20% OFF July & August 2018.

*Optimise the position on your bike and help you get the right allied professional help, advice and assistance inc Aerodynamic testing

*Riding a bike should never be painful; comfort is crucial because any time you feel discomfort when cycling it’s likely that your performance will drop and so will your enjoyment.

Bike Fit Studio’s initial bike-fitting session concentrates on removing any confusion in regards to what a bike should feel like and getting back to basics in regards to the best fit.

We look at your goals, riding history as well as any injury considerations and biomechanical limitations.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have an initial bike fit
1. Being optimised for your ideal riding position and bike.
2. Whether you’re a commuter or racing cyclist, a professional bike fit is an investment in your health.
3. Enhance your performance.
4. Your bike will be faster and more comfortable – now that’s a win-win.
5. Potential injuries can be avoided if your bike is tailored to your individual needs.

As one of the Brisbane’s most recognised bike fitters, Bike Fit Studio’s uses real-time 2-D and 3-D motion-recording technology to capture data on how you are positioned on your bike.

Get a professional dynamic bike fit assessment
by the experts at BikeFit Studio,
West End, Brisbane, Queensland.

Make the most of our Tandem Tour Treat Special
*Book a BikeFit for YOU and a FRIEND or 2 to receive 20% OFF July & August 2018.
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