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Reilly Bladin’s story

Reilly Bladin – Recreational cyclist
13-year-old male

Reilly enjoys riding for fun with his friends and likes the feeling of being fit that riding gives him. He says he particularly enjoys racing on his bike against his friends – especially when he wins – and the sense of achievement he experiences when he sets a personal best.


Reilly came to see us at Bike Fit Studio Brisbane as he was not feeling comfortable when riding his bike and he was looking for a solution to this problem.


We offered him a comprehensive bike fit. As a teenager he is naturally growing very quickly and his positioning when he was riding had become “bunched and scrunched over” the bike as he had outgrown its proportions.


Reilly’s bike fit achieved a great result for him. After a full assessment of his bike and his body, the Bike Fit Studio team altered Reilly’s handlebars and seat to better suit his height, weight and biometrics, as well as making adjustments to his cleats.

Since his bike fit, Reilly is finding that he is riding more comfortably and his posture on the bike is now more relaxed. He is also riding much faster – which is great news for those races with his friends.

What Reilly says:

Reilly now understands how critical it is to have bike fit on a regular basis while he is growing. Not only is his own enhanced riding experience testament to this, but he personally knows other people who have encountered long-term issues with their backs and hips as a result of riding poorly configured bikes. A professional bike fit at Bike Fit Studio is the only way to guarantee the very best bike configuration and, ultimately, an optimum riding experience.

For a comprehensive bike fit call us today on (07) 3844 0226.




Mikhail Kuchavo’s Story

Mikhail Kuchavo – Engineer / Recreational cyclist and commuter
44-year-old male

Though only a recent convert to the joys of cycling, Mikhail finds the sport to be exhilarating and somewhat addictive. He loves that it keeps him fit, makes him feel great and it has also greatly enhanced his social life. With an abundance of new friends introduced through the sport, he enjoys discovering new places on his bike in and around Brisbane and also in other areas. There is always a new cycling route to explore.


Mikhail came to us at Bike Fit Studio when he realised he needed a bike fit and that it was something he couldn’t do himself – it needed to be a professional. He did not feel his position on the bike when riding was optimal, nor was he happy with his existing saddle. This resulted in discomfort over longer distances as well as fatigue.


Bike Fit Studio staff member Mark Watts was delighted to work with Mikhail. He undertook a comprehensive bike-fitting session, incorporating both Mikhail’s biometrics, as well as the bike geometry. The original positioning of the bike for Mikhail’s body meant that he was too stretched out and struggled to effectively reach the handlebars. By altering the configuration of the handlebars and the seat, his positioning for riding was much more comfortable.

Mark also gave Mikhail recommendations for the correct posture when riding, and a new saddle design was recommended and offered on a trial basis, which after two weeks of trialling Mikhail
chose to keep without hesitation.


Mikhail has not looked back since his bike fit. The new saddle shape is working well for him, maximising his comfort both while riding and afterwards. He is finding that over longer distances, he is not nearly as fatigued, and additionally his power output on the bike has improved due to his optimised position on the bike.

What Mikhail says:

Mikhail was delighted to find the professionals at Bike Fit Studio Brisbane to be friendly and extremely helpful. They were more than happy to help in any way possible and provided plenty of information and advice to improve riding skills and experience. They were also very keen to share information on upcoming cycling events in Brisbane and beyond. He can’t recommend this service highly enough.

For a comprehensive bike fit call us today on (07) 3844 0226.

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