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Bike Fit Studio leads the way

It was an article on that was the beginning of Nick Formosa’s dream business in 2009 – Bike Fit Studio – now one of Australia’s premier bike-fitting businesses.

A leading cycling coach for many athletes all over the world, Nick saw the new Retül bike-fitting technology advertised and realised how many lives it could change, especially for cyclists (recreation and professional) who were not set up correctly, experiencing pain or wanting better performance.

“I was using the old system of fitting with plump bobs, levels and a tape measure, and I was looking for a better way to provide a bike fit. The Retül tools really enhanced the way I fitted,” says Nick.

That’s how the business began.

We are still at the forefront of the cycling and bike-fitting industry, and offer the most up-to-date information and education when it comes to our craft.

Bike Fit Studio offers a range of other services including:

  • Bike fitting
  • Bike-size recommendations
  • Footbed moulding (insoles)
  • Bike fit reviews
  • Aerodynamic testing
  • Bike fit education (Retül University)
  • Test saddle program
  • Children and their growing needs

7 benefits you’ll get when you work with Bike Fit Studio Brisbane

  1. Comfort – we fit you on your bike so you are comfortable.
  2. Receive professional help, advice and assistance when it comes to your recommended size, contact points and bike.
  3. You receive the very latest and update information and education because the Bike Fit Studio Brisbane team are the only educators of Retül University in Australasia.
  4. We offer independent advice and back this up with a combination of our experience and science (art and science) so you can make an absolute informed decision.
  5. In terms of bike recommendations, we are not brand driven, so we are not limited in our bike-fitting process.
  6. You receive a comprehensive physical assessment to determine restrictions in a range of motion, flexibility, strength and stability, which can influence your bike set-up.
  7. Your cycling goals are our goals.

We will treat your cycling needs as our own, so please let us assess your individual bike-fitting requirements.

Call us on (07) 3844 0226 or email for more information.

Why do you need a bike fit? Find out here.

“Appreciate the bike fit, it’s made a huge improvement. It feels comfortable and I have had no troubles adapting.” – Jordan Kerby, Team Drapac Pro Cycling

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