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Fit Review only - $179

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Fit-Review01Once you’ve made yourself at home on your new bike it’s inevitable that you’ll want to make a few adjustments to improve your overall comfort levels.

If you have a new pair of shoes or saddle and are experiencing problems or issues, maybe it’s time you had a check-up.

Who needs a Fit Review? Clients who have already had an initial bike fit with Bike Fit Studio and believe their bikes are in need of adjustment or fine tuning.

Under the guidance of our specialist team, cyclists can work through their fit on the bike. Coupled with our biomechanical analysis using our Retül 3-D system, we can optimise a rider’s bike fit and ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.

A Fit Review appointment is appropriate for a bike that has been fitted by Bike Fit Studio within the past year, at this time a follow-up visit is recommended for part changes and a reassessment of performance and comfort.

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