Digital Trainer

Digital_TrainerPedal Analysis helps you increase power and efficiency by determining cycling power distribution. For this, we use the CompuTrainer, a world leader in the field of indoor electronic bicycle training systems.

State of the art technology is combined with highly motivational 3D interactive graphics to create an outstandingly effective indoor training experience.

The load you feel when using the CompuTrainer relates precisely to your visual surroundings which include hills, spectators, aid stations, and cyclists with no traffic interference. Your visual memory reinforces muscle memory. It’s a wonderful and effective new way to prepare for a race.


The CompuTrainer provides you with:

  • SpinScan electronic pedal stroke analysis
  • Performance Recording so you can race against a previous recorded performance
  • Performance Data which includes: Watts, Speed, RPM, Heart Rate, Peaks & Averages, Time & Distance, Aerodynamic Drag Factor

CompuTrainer increases your cycling power by 20-30% and your speed by 3 to 6 kph. Whatever your starting point, you’ll move up in the rankings.

Ask us today about a session on the Digital Trainer with a real time fitting analysis.

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