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MarkMark Watts

Mark is a highly regarded and experienced Biomechanist who has turned his skills to Bike Fitting in the last 6 years. Mark is a qualified Master Retul Bike Fitter and has taught Bike Fitting in Australasia. He has fit riders including race winning World Tour Professional Road riders, Elite National MTB champions, Professional ITU Triathletes, Professional Ironman Triathletes as well as many local racing and recreational Road, MTB, Triathlon and CX riders.

Mark is an Exercise Physiologist (Undergraduate Bachelor Degree) and Biomechanist (Postgraduate Research Master Degree) with 18 years professional experience. He is also a qualified as Level 1 Triathlon Coach, Level 1MTB Coach and Level 1 Road & Track Coach. Mark spent 5 years teaching Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy to undergraduate Human Movement and postgraduate Sports Coaching students at the University of Queensland. He has also spent 10 years running a research group that investigated orthopaedics, sports medicine, surgical techniques and rehabilitation protocols and practice.

Mark has a love of cycling and he still competes in road, MTB and Cross Triathlon events. His love of cycling started 20 years ago when he first started riding to University and began dabbling in Triathlon. Quickly his interest became road cycling racing and soon after he started MTBing and then tried his hand at Off-Road Triathlon (now called Cross Triathlon). His palmares highlights include a State Masters Road Race Championship, National Age Group Cross Triathlon Championship and many Elite Solo and Teams Podiums in Endurance MTB races.

Mark can provide bike fitting services for road, time trial, triathlon, MTB and cross bikes. He also provides physiological testing including: functional threshold power (FTP) and lactate threshold (LT).

5 interesting facts about Mark Watts

  1. He loves everything to do with bikes and racing.
  2. Mark has 14 years’ professional experience.
  3. He still competes in road, mountain bike riding and cross-triathlon events.
  4. Highlights including winning a State Masters Road Race Championship, National Age Group Cross Triathlon Championship and many elite solo and team podiums in endurance mountain bike races.
  5. He’s a top-class bike fitter.

How Mark can help with your ideal bike fit

Mark can provide bike-fitting services for road, time trial, triathlon, mountain bike racing and cross bikes. He also provides physiological testing including functional threshold power (FTP) and lactate threshold (LT).

Qualifications and experience

  • Bachelor of Exercise Physiologist
  • Postgraduate Research Masters Biomechanics
  • Level 1 Triathlon Coach
  • Level 1 MTB Coach
  • Level 1 Road and Track Coach
  • Mark spent five years teaching biomechanics and functional anatomy to undergraduate human movement and postgraduate sports coaching students at the University of Queensland
  • He spent 10 years running a research group that investigated orthopaedics, sports medicine, surgical techniques and rehabilitation protocols and practice

To work with Mark simply call Bike Fit Studio on (07) 3844 0226 to book an appointment or use the booking form below.


CraigCraig Briant

Craig Briant is the business development manager at Bike Fit Studio Brisbane, which means he looks after the identification and implementation of business efficiencies, generation of business opportunities, and liaison with clients to ensure their Bike Fit Studio experience is positive.

He works closely with the bike-fit team to ensure the very best client experience possible. Craig has always been an enthusiastic rider and he has raced competitively since the year 2000. He is currently at level Masters A in Queensland bike racing and he has achieved impressive results in numerous races, including the Australian Masters Road Championships.

He enjoys riding recreationally and competitively, being involved in the community and sporting enterprises, and participating in teams that are driven to success.

Craig’s business background

After working with major financial institutions, Craig established his own financial planning practice, later merging with another practice and acquiring two additional financial planning practices to create a business that is of mid-tier size in the industry.

Craig counts the greatest achievement of his career as becoming self-employed, undertaking a challenging, but exciting, journey to become his own entity. Highly organised and flexible, he brings loyalty, commitment and generosity to the Bike Fit Studio team.

Qualifications and experience

  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance)
  • 30 years’ experience working in the finance Industry

To get in touch with Craig about partnership opportunities with Bike Fit Studio call today on (07) 3844 0226 or email info@bikefitstudio.com.au


NickNick Formosa

Nick has lived and breathed bikes since he started working in a bike shop at the age of 16. Ever since, his passion hasn’t waned and he continues to live his dream, travelling the globe, competing, and coaching up-and-coming and professional athletes.

He has a plethora of cycling experience, which spans a 30-year career of road and track racing, retail, health and fitness, and coaching.

But it was working in the bike retail and wholesale industry for 15 years where Nick was first introduced to bike fitting. He hasn’t looked back and has carved a successful business and new career path in the area.

A successful athlete himself, Nick has been a fitness and cycling coach since 2000 and still coaches and trains professional athletes all over the world. He has held a senior coaching role with the Queensland Academy of Sport since 2009 as a cycling coach (both road and track racing) and is also involved with coaching for the National Para Cycling Program (Australian team).

Since 2011, the Bike Fit Studio team have been head educators for Retül University in Australasia (including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore). Nick is the only Retül University fitter to be awarded Lead Faculty – the highest level of certification in Australia.

He has also been nominated for, and won, Cycling Australia and Cycling Queensland awards.

Nick and the Bike Fit Studio Brisbane team have also worked with professional teams and staff, including bike fitting for Orica Green Edge, Drapac Pro Cycling and Budget Forklifts.

6 interesting facts about Nick Formosa

  1. Nick’s greatest inspiration comes from his parents, Manny and Mary Formosa, who moved to Australia from Malta with no money so they could give their children a better life.
  2. He was selected to represent Malta in the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
  3. He is the director of Cadence Cycling and Back2Health.
  4. Nick loves nothing more than to hang out with his family.
  5. He has coached athletes to World Championship medals – gold, silver and bronze.
  6. Winner of the Cycling Queensland Association 2009 Coach of the Year Award.


  • Diploma of Fitness/Business and Exercise Science
  • Certificate IV Lifestyle Coaching
  • Level 2 Cycling Coach
  • Completion of all Retül University courses

To work with Nick simply call Bike Fit Studio on (07) 3844 0226 to book an appointment or use the booking form below.

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